We all grieve in our own way

“All of us do it; it is a universal response to change, but we do it differently. It’s unique, as unique as our fingerprints.” Alesia Alexander, LCSW, CT

The phases that grief has been described to us as may or may not fit. Your experience may be very different, and that's OK. And we have to give eachother permission around that so that we can really present ourselves as supportive and safe, because we can make it unsafe for each other with having an expectation around what someone else's grief journey is. And I think that's important for parents. I think it's important for peers. I think it's important for communities to throw away their expectations around what they think grief is because the collective never reaches that expectation.

Grief is universal, yet individual.

No two people experience grief in the same way.

Our grief is our own, and all of our feelings and expressions of grief are OK.

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to grieve.