Trio of round, fuzzy creatures - one blue, one magenta, and one green - that look like pompoms with googly eyes.

Follow the Nudge was created for one simple purpose: help people provide meaningful, ongoing support to loved ones who are grieving.

We all want to show up for the people we care about when they are in need—we just don’t know how. By pairing digital reminders (or "nudges") with actionable advice on what we can say or do to provide support, Follow the Nudge helps us offer friends and family more than the well-intentioned fallback offer of “let me know if you need anything.”

Because support for grievers tends to quickly fall off after the immediate aftermath of the loss, Follow the Nudge encourages us to show up consistently throughout the weeks, months, and years that follow a loss.

Speaking Grief

The Follow the Nudge mobile application is part of the public media initiative, Speaking Grief, which works to create a more grief-aware society. Speaking Grief is produced by WPSU, a PBS and NPR member station and a service of Penn State Outreach and is made possible by philanthropic support from the New York Life Foundation.

Follow the Nudge Project Team

  • Kristin Bittner, Instructional Designer
  • Chris Divyak, Developer
  • Cassie Marsh-Caldwell, Project Manager
  • Steve Nelson, Designer
  • Lindsey Whissel Fenton, Content Developer, Relationship Management
  • Tyler Wilkinson: Lead Developer
  • Tom Wilson: Project Advisor/Development Coordinator