Follow the Nudge

Grief support is hard.
Nudges make it easier.

Follow the Nudge is a web app that helps you provide meaningful, ongoing support to people you care about who are grieving.

Image of a cell phone with messages that come from the sender Follow the Nudge. Messages are samples of what the app would send you to support a friend named Taylor. The first sample reads: We ask How are you? so often, it doesn’t always elicit a real response. Try asking Taylor What are you feeling today? instead. The second sample reads: Many grieving people find evenings to be especially difficult. Check in with Taylor this evening. The third message reads: Remember: Tomorrow is a grief day for Taylor. Reach out to let them know you care. Not sure what to do? A url for a resource link finished the message.

Feel more comfortable offering support.

Supporting friends and family who are grieving can be uncomfortable. Follow the Nudge combines educational resources with gentle, on-going reminders so you can feel confident in what you say and do to provide support.

Sometimes all you need is a nudge in the right direction.